"Ehud Diskin’s book describes the birth and establishment of the state of Israel, the Jewish and the Israeli culture, it’s history and the values of the Israeli society.  From the history and the events covered in the book, readers will learn about the spirit of the Israeli nation and its unique culture."

- Reuven Rivlin, President of the State of Israel

"Lone Wolf in Jerusalem is a fascinating and interesting story that retells history in a truly precise way. It is also teaching us what young people were ready to sacrifice for their love of the country. It was interesting to learn about Jerusalem during those times from someone like Ehud Diskin who knows the city like he knows the palm of his hand."

- Major General Amram Mitzna (Ret.) and former head of the labor party in Israel

"In a market with many new titles appearing on the shelves of the country's bookstores every day, it's hard to stand out, and harder yet to make it onto the bestsellers list. I don't recall many instances in which a book has made such waves on the bestseller list in Israel from the day it was launched.  Ehud Diskin has managed to do both! Ehud skillfully resurrects the mood that prevailed in Israel during the days of the British Mandate and the pre-state period. In doing so, he provides his readers not only with a captivating plot, but also with a valuable look at an important piece of Israel's history."

Dov Eichenvald, President of Yediot Sfarim, Israel’s largest Hebrew Publishing Company

"In addition to the suspense and the romanticism of the story, Lone Wolf in Jerusalem brings forth the accurate history of the time period before the state of Israel was established. Readers will learn about the struggle for a Jewish State."

Nathan Sharansky, human rights activist and author who spent nine years in Soviet prisons

"Lone Wolf in Jerusalem is a historical novel that would certainly make a very good Hollywood action film, with enough twists and turns and “cliff-hangers” to keep you on the edge of your seat, and right now it’s an entertaining and utterly absorbing read that captures a sense of history in the establishment of the State of Israel."

-The Jewish Press.


"Diskin created a novel with exciting action and plot twists that also includes an accurate accounting of the historical facts regarding the British occupation and eventual official establishment of the Jewish state. The author has skillfully communicated that message in this story of intrigue, perseverance, and survival."

-NY Jewish Week.


"As someone who was born in Jerusalem, I was excited to read the magnificent descriptions of the city in those days, in this wonderful historic novel. I couldn’t put the book down and read it in one night."

- Professor Michael Stark, President of the European Surgical Academy in Berlin

"In this book, Ehud Diskin created a hero with a partisan’s background who readers can identify with. The book is very accurate historically and it is no wonder it has been so well received."

- General (Ret.) Dr. Ephraim Sneh, former Minister of Health, Minister of Transportation and Deputy Minister of Defense in Israel.

"Lone Wolf in Jerusalem, is one of the best books I have recently read and it is no wonder it has become a best seller so quickly. With the author’s extensive historical knowledge, the novel is a page turner, filled with suspense. The language is simple, tight, and flexible with a variety of characters. I warmly recommend this book for both the young and the older generation."

Lee Yanini – Book Critic, Israel


"It is a suspenseful page-turning historical novel in which the plot and the characters are built well. It seems that the author knows this period of history very well."

Snir Peleg, Israeli book critic


"Ehud Diskin tells us the story of the establishment of the state of Israel through David Gabinski, a partisan fighter who came to Israel after surviving WWII and became an underground member. I recommend everyone to read this suspenseful interesting book."

Ofer Drori, book critic


"Lone Wolf in Jerusalem is a captivating historical novel filled with humor, drama, sadness and romance. The reader will join the protagonist, David, in his dangerous near-impossible quests against the British occupation forces in Israel in the 1940s. It is a highly recommended historical novel."

Norita, Israeli book critic site